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Liabilities Monthly Amount
 Outstanding Home Loan:
 Outstanding Auto Loan:
 Outstanding Credit Card Loan:
 Outstanding Personal Loan:
 Loan on Life Insurance:
 Outstanding Education Loan:
 Unpaid Taxes:
 Money Owned to Others:
 Other liabilities:
 Total Liabilities:


Cash (Quick Assets) Monthly Amount (Rs.)
 Savings Account Balance:
 FD (Fixed Deposit):
 Post Office Savings :
 Public Provident Fund Balance:
 Securities (stocks, bonds):
 Mutual Funds:
 Life Insurance (cash surrender value):
 Other Investments:
 Other Cash:
  Total Quick Assets:

Long Term Assets Monthly Amount
 Real Estate (market value):
 Automobile (present value):
 Bullion (silver, gold, etc.):
 Jewelry, Art and collectibles:
 Total Long Term Assets:

  Total Assets:

Net Worth

  Total Net Worth: